From the Director

About CFM

The University of Southern Queensland’s (USQ) vision is to conduct world-leading research to help create world-changing results. 
USQ’s Centre for Future Materials  (CFM) is one of the leading research centres in Australia with a reputation for pioneering research and development in composite materials and geopolymers.

The composites research group has existed at USQ for over 25 years. In 2016 it was awarded “Centre” status and is now known as the Centre for Future Materials (CFM). CFM has positioned itself to focus on collaboration with local, national and international SME’s and large companies.

CFM is working closely with industry and other research institutions to develop cutting edge technologies, through fundamental research and industry application in the area of advanced composites and concrete, and to provide solution-support to the community.

CFM’s true strength is in industrial engagement and development, in order  to develop personnel, IP, new products and open up new sectors through  collaborative research programmes which utilises industry funding leveraged  against state and national funding mechanisms in order to de-risk the cost  of research and deliver maximum impact for industry, the funding body and  USQ.

Opportunity at CFM

We currently have one full PhD scholarship, sponsored by US Air Force, with the details available here.

Two full PhD scholarships on Manufacturing Lightweight Rocket Fuel Tanks to Make Space Affordable, with the details available here.  

Industry partners

A list of the industry and government agencies with CFM collaboration